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Understanding the Fast Weight Loss Process


Our culture and society being what they are today, fast weight loss is in much greater demand than that of slow and steady weight loss. Many people are interested in fitting into that perfect dress in six weeks time, and are not interested in getting results six months later down the road. The word today is fast, and for this reason, a multitude of fast weight loss diets and plans have surged onto the market.

It is certainly a concept in high demand, and so the products, the ideas, the books and the diets themselves are selling like wildfire spreading. What do doctors have to say about fast weight loss ideas?

The Opinion of a Medical Professional

All doctors agree that the only way to healthily lose weight and to maintain the new attained weight is to lose extra weight over a period of time. Rapidly losing weight is not desirable for a vast number of reasons, some of them pertaining to the method itself and therefore the immediate effects of fast weight loss, while other effects show up only in the long run.

It is for this latter reason that it can be so difficult to denounce crash diet plans. When trying to lose weight, rapidly or otherwise, the goal is simply to lose weight; because many fast weight loss programs produce the desired result, people do not look beyond the fact of obtaining the desired result, however only a gradual losing of weight will benefit you both in the short and long run.

The reality is that, as health-conscious human beings, we should absolutely be looking at the bigger picture, and not only of the fact of losing or gaining weight but also at the explanation; answering our own questions about the weight loss process. Just as losing five pounds by becoming dehydrated is an obviously unhealthy way to quickly shed five pounds, similarly, gaining five pounds by building muscle mass could be a healthy gain of five pounds, depending on your own personal situation.

Crash diets often involve drastically cutting the number of calories consumed. For example, an adult who normally consumes 2500 calories on a daily basis might cut their caloric intake to 1000 calories a day, and at this rate it will take roughly 2.33 days to lose a pound, meaning that a ten day diet will result in a loss of four pounds.

While this kind of diet produces quick results, it is a harrowing experience for the body. Fast weight loss results in fatigue, drowsiness, irritability, inability to focus and many other things, depending on the person who is participating in it. However, the bottom line is that the effect is not a good one, despite the exact matter of fast weight loss that was taken.

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