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Why Using Weight Loss Drugs can be Extremely Dangerous

Weight gain and weight loss are the most talked about issues in the world today, and this is primarily because of the fact that approximately every second or third person in the developed world has a weight problem. It starts with the junk food, and gets compounded by the sedentary life people lead today because of automation.

Money and technology are two things in particular which have truly changed the way we live, making us adopt a laid back style of life which is not healthy. As a result, most people by the time they are forty, are obese or seriously over or underweight.

When Desperate, you Tend to Make the Wrong Decisions

At the crossroads of middle age of life, you tend to look back on the road that you have traveled so far and take stock of the position that you are now in; many people do not like what they see. No matter where they are with their career at this age, health-wise they will be most likely be having a number of problems, and most of these problems will be connected one way or other with weight.

Weight loss programs, besides being extremely tedious, can also be very expensive and hence should not be a first choice for everyone. People at this time in their life will usually feel that it is very important to regain their self-worth; hence they will want first of all, to shed some of the extra weight that they have put on during the past while of their life. In their desperation to fast forward the process, people often tend to make the wrong decisions, going for speed rather than quality, as many people tend to choose to lose weight with the help of off-label drugs.

What are off-Label Drugs, and why are They Used as Weight Loss Drugs?

Off-label drugs are those drugs which are actually prescribed for the treatment of other ailments, but when used by healthy people, tend to inhibit hunger and hence speed up loss of weight. This is nothing to rejoice about, however, as this type of loss of weight comes at an extremely high cost; these types of weight loss drugs can have extremely dangerous side-effects which can sometimes even prove to be fatal.

Some examples of off-label drugs which are popularly used as weight loss drugs are: Adderal, Topomax, Wellbutrin and so on. All of these have very dangerous side-effects such as they can create cardiac problems, depression, insomnia, and the list goes on. As it is, losing weight requires careful monitoring by a doctor because at any time there could be sudden imbalances in the body that could create major crises. Using off-label weight loss drugs make the process doubly risky.

This is the reason why it is not advisable to use these weight loss drugs as a remedy of losing weight.


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