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There is no Such Thing as Easy Weight Loss


Consumers, mostly women, are still in the pursuit of easy weight loss solutions – and are still trying to believe that there is some sort of way that exists. However it should be known that, unfortunate as it may be, easy weight loss is an impossible thing. Weight loss is simply the process of burning more calories than are eaten over a period of time.

In order to attain weight loss, you need to be burning more calories than you are consuming, and so depending on how much and the type of foods that you eat, you need to incorporate an acceptable amount of physical activity. As well, it also depends primarily on your metabolism rate, as some people can burn their entire daily calorie intake simply from doing nothing at all, even just sitting down, while others cannot burn any calories even after working out for hours.

Trying for Easy Weight Loss

The best way to make for easy weight loss – or at least the easiest possible – is to make very small changes in your diet and exercise habits. Making small changes is what eventually makes for seemingly easy weight loss, as though you haven’t truly done anything drastic, but still achieved a positive result anyway.

Some ways to make small changes are in regards to the examining of your daily eating habits.  For example, if you tend to eat fast food a lot, cut that out of your diet, but still have it maybe once a month, say. This way you are making a positive change, but not an overly drastic one that you could never stick to.

Instead of benning Burger King altogether, for instance, you could also make small changes such as getting the Whopper Junior meal instead of the Double Whopper meal. Or, if you must have your Double Whopper, get it and leave the fries behind. Get a juice instead of a coke – or better yet, water. Or you could even substitute a sandwich for a salad.

These small changes will allow you to make an incredibly positive difference in your eating habits, but will be gradual, so that it will not be such a sudden and difficult change. Making the changes gradually will be even better at making weight loss easy.

The same principle applies to exercise. You should never start out by setting out to run a marathon, but rather go for a half-hour walk, then a power walk after 3 weeks of daily walks.  Slowly, your power walk will evolve into speed walking, then jogging, and eventually running. These gradual changes are the only way to truly make for easy weight loss, and they are also the only way to make the changes habitual instead of a week’s anomaly.

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